Q. What exactly is “Values-Based Business Coaching”?

A. Traditional business coaching is often very formulaic; that’s because it’s generally assumed that you want what ‘everyone else’ wants, and that what worked for ‘everyone else’ will work for you. It’s sort of like handing you a map with an X marked ‘business success’ and telling you “The treasure is over that way, here’s how you can get to it.” In the meantime, nobody ever stops to ask you if that’s the treasure you actually want!

Values-Based business coaching takes an entirely different approach; it all starts with your unique desires, values, and goals. There are tools and techniques, but no formulas! Instead, we work together to define your goals, to identify what success would look and feel like to you. And then we sit down and draw a map that is just for you!

Q. It sounds like a lot of work, what’s the benefit to ‘drawing my own map’?

A. It is a lot of work. But any business is going to take work… and if you’re going to put in that much time and energy, wouldn’t you rather end up with something that’s suited to your own needs and goals?

Bonus: Because I teach tools and techniques, rather than formulas, you’ll leave with the ability to ‘adjust course’ at any time. Let’s face it, the goals and dreams you have now are very likely to change over time. Formula’s don’t change, and they don’t grow; your map needs to be able to keep up with the times, and change right along with you! The tools and techniques you learn will give you control over the direction your business takes.

Q. Ok, that is pretty exciting… so how do I get started?

A. I love to get new clients signed up for a free Introductory session; it’s free, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on an unknown, which means that you can focus fully on our time together. It also gives us a chance to get to know one another – the work we’ll be doing can get a little intense, so it’s important that we be a good ‘fit’ ;)

Q. I don’t live anywhere near you, how will we meet for our sessions?

A. No worries, hon, that’s what phone and internet are for! Depending on your preference, we’ll talk via either phone or Skype. When you sign up for a session, you’ll get a link to my scheduling service. Just pick the day and time that works for you, type in your phone number or Skype user name, and at the appointed time I’ll give you a ring!

If you ever have any questions along the way, you can email me at heidi@heididobbs.com, and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

Q. You mention a 100% money-back guarantee, is that for real? And how does it work?

A. It’s definitely and most certainly for real! If I can’t help you, darlin’, I don’t want your money.

As for how it works, it’s really quite simple. After our session together, if you’re unsatisfied (for any reason), you simply send me an email saying it isn’t working out (you don’t even have to say why) and I’ll refund 100% of your payment. If you’ve purchased multiple sessions, and we’ve already used more than one, I’ll refund the unused sessions.

Bonus: I also promise that I will never take it personally, and will still like you if you need to ask for a refund ;)

Q. What if I’m not ready for coaching?

A. Well my dear, the truth is that you’re often ready long before you feel ready. In fact, working with a coach from the beginning can save you years of time and gobs of cash that might otherwise be spent ‘getting’ you ready.

Of course, I can understand the fears that come up when you think about investing in something like this; you may be worried about wasting money on something you aren’t ready for. You’re also likely feeling some fear that investing in coaching will mean making your dreams real… and that can be damn scary! I know, I’ve been there.

The good news is, that’s exactly what the free Introductory session is for! You’ll get a chance to chat with me for a bit, and we can discover if you’re truly ready or not… and if you aren’t, that’s quite alright! You won’t have wasted a dime, and at the very least, we’ll both get a bit of good conversation in our day!