Are you ready to take control of your life? If so, you’re in the right place!

There are many reasons to hire a coach. For instance, did you know that investing in coaching can actually save you money? It’s true; when you know what to invest in (and when!), you save yourself the frustration of spending money on things you don’t need (or won’t need until later).

You also save time; instead of worrying, floundering, and doing ‘busy-work’, coaching can help you focus your efforts. Which means less stress, self-doubt, and wasted energy.

But there’s more to having a coach then just strategy and planning! Sometimes you know exactly what it is you need to do… but somehow, you just can’t seem to motivate yourself to do it…

That’s where having me on your team becomes especially powerful; not only am I here to help you figure out what to do, and when… honey, I’m here to make sure you actually do it!

  • When your resolve flags, I’m here to help pick you back up.
  • When the lizard brain is filling you with fear, I’m here to kick his butt (nicely) out of your head.
  • And when you feel like you’re just horribly stuck and nothing is happening, I’m here to remind you just how far you’ve come!

One on one coaching can drastically accelerate the business building process – which means you’ll be doing more of what you love, loving more of what you do, and (don’t forget) making money faster!

What it’s like to work with me;

  • You’ll learn to chart your own path. My goal is to help you grow your ability to overcome future challenges as your business grows. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing you be able to guide, support and believe in yourself!
  • You work (and play) towards your goals. Creating change is often simple, but rarely easy. It takes time, dedication and commitment. I offer help, solutions, support and laughter, but you’re the one who has to take action.
  • You’ve got an ally and a teacher. I’ll be here to help you, support you and believe in you. And I’ll give you valuable tools and techniques for creative problem-solving
  • You’re deeply seen and heard. I have a unique gift that allows me to quickly get who you are and what you want. I design our work together as we go in a way that’s uniquely focused around you. I don’t believe there’s one right way to do things, nor do I use “one size fits all” formulas and strategies.
  • You’re always safe and respected. We work in a judgment-free zone. And I will never share what you tell me or any information about you with anyone else, under any circumstances.

Ready to get started?

Unfortunately, I’m not taking new clients at this time. I know, sad face. But it turns out pregnancy has limited my capacity, and it’s important (for my sake and my clients’) that I honor that.

If you’d like to be informed when spots open up, send me an email, and I’ll add you to the list!

Until then, drink lots of water, nap often, and above all, listen to your body! (Great advice whether you’re pregnant or not ;) )